Now you can react to individual text message while chatting on Messenger

Facebook has been busy adding features
to it all major apps. A new feature is available in Messenger where users can
react to individual text message while chatting on Messenger. For example if a friend
sends you a message on Messenger then you can react to that message with
various emotions like love, laugh, wow, sad, angry, like, and dislike.

How to use react function while chatting
on Messenger
It is very easy to use this feature
While you are on chat and if a message
comes from the other side, then you will be able to see a new icon next to the
message box
Just Tap that icon – select your
reaction and boom!!!!!
To add a reaction, press and hold any
message, and then tap to make your selection from the love, smile, wow, sad,
angry, yes and no emojis.
You can see how people reacted to your
message on the lower corner of the message. You can also see the number of people
who reacted to your message. This is very useful when you are in a group
It is a really cool feature on Messenger
so far. If you are not seeing this feature on your device then simply update
your messenger from the Appstore.