What is Instagram’s Cross-App Messaging ?

Instagram introduces new Cross-App Messaging in its newer version. It is a combination of Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Instagram is updated frequently to make the user experience easy and now it has come up with the merger of two apps in one.

This update allows you to search for and share posts with people across Instagram and Facebook, video, chat or otherwise. Not so, you can search for and send message requests to people with Instagram accounts.

Also, there is a new way to message on Instagram, it is totally changed with great new features like;

  • Change your chat color
  • React with any emoji
  • Swipe to reply to messages
  • Create Selfie stickers
  • Chat with friends who use Facebook

The update is pushed to Apple App Store and Play Store and is forcefully updated if the app is already downloaded.

New Instagram Cross-App Messaging feature works on iOS 14 or below.

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