10 Best Paid iPhone apps gone free on App Store- 31 OCT 2020

These are the best Paid iPhone apps gone free on App Store which sometimes offers only for a limited time, so have a look at your favorite apps and download it instantly before its too late.

10 Best Paid iOS Apps for Free Today on Apple App Store

We are bringing you a paid App Store deals which are now free and whose prices are dropped. The paid price drop for iOS apps usually offers a reduced rate download app or free of charge.

One of my favorites stuff that I like best on my iPhone is Appstore app deals. However, please remember, these offers are only available at the original price for a short period of time. So grab it now !

There are tons of paid iOS apps for free in App Store & Apple offers them to download at a reduced rate or download for free for a limited time but it does not notify which iPhone paid apps or game has gone free to download for that period.

But we are here, so let’s check today’s paid iPhone apps gone free that supports iOS 14 , iOS 13, iOS 12 or below.

  1. ‎RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder
    ‎RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder

RoadAhead looks for gas, food, lodges, landmarks and many other categories to the exits ahead-with rates, prices, kitchen, exit distance and other helpful information.


‎Simple Zazen Timer
‎Simple Zazen Timer
Developer: Pawel Urbanek
Price: $3.99

‘Simple Zazen Timer’ is a pleasure to find in this increasingly complex world, simple is beautiful, and with an elegant design and minimal UI captures just what the question of meditation is: tranquility, peace, conscientiousness and self-aware.


Best application in augmented reality to create video stories. Just apply to the application store for holograms and stick videos with dynamic image tracking. # 1 AR app for easy creation of cool, innovative AR videos. Add AR texts to emoji, videos in your environment. When finished, while moving around you, you could take photos and videos and tell a story.


Developer: Mentor Neto
Price: Free

YouTube’s full of great content. However, it is not easy to share YouTube videos on social media, such as sharing photos or text. You can personalize the tithes of the videos that you share and TRIM THE VIDEO with Instube can show you those times!


‎Password Secure Manager PRO
‎Password Secure Manager PRO

Secure Manager is a simple yet secure, intuitive application which saves all of your accounts and passwords.


Now even better is the best unit converter! Exact, powerful and tailor-made.Unity has been built with simplicity and is a conversion unit that is like no other. Over 500 conversion types to choose from and more come with each update are also strong. Unity.


‎Speak for Yourself
‎Speak for Yourself
Price: $299.99+

Speak for Yourself is an application designed by two speech-language pathologists with an evidence-based foundation, which specializes in increased and alternative communication (AAC).


Developer: Compasition Apps
Price: Free

Photo Phix: The most advanced all-in-one iPhone , iPad, and iPod photo app!
There are many features, including creating picture collages with 1 to 16 pictures and adding color to your picture or enhancing it with selective bubbles, selective pixels or one multiple blended modes.


‎Scheme Color
‎Scheme Color

“Scheme Color,” a resource you can not ignore — the previous one of “Coloring Studio.” This App synthesizes the best practices in color theory, providing a unique collection of color schemes for everyone.


‎Videdit - Handy Video Editor
‎Videdit - Handy Video Editor
Developer: 知刚 刘
Price: $0.99+

Videdit contains more than 30 features: info, trim, chromakey, blend, erase, chromakey, mosaic, splice, particle, bling, filter, text, sticker, paint, tuner, dub, speed and reverse, zoom, chroma, rotate, compress, gif.

Note: Once you download an app, nothing is charged to you later and you can use the app forever for free. 

Definitely, above selective apps may be easy and time-saving rather than searching many apps that are being free in the App Store for a limited time. So don’t forget to follow us and subscribe for more updates.