Whatsapp releases Desktop app for Windows and Mac

Whatsapp has
been the most popular messaging platform on smartphones, but from today you will
be able to use it on your Windows PC and Mac also.
Whatsapp today
released a desktop version where users will be able to share messages using
their windows PC’s or Mac OS X. There was already a web version of whatsapp but
now it’s a software. The software version works just like the web version. The
desktop app basically mirrors what’s on your phone which means you need
whatsapp running on your phone to make the desktop version run. In other words,
you need to launch whatsapp on your phone with an internet connection –
minimize the app – and then only use it on your desktop.
It is easy
when you are working something on your desktop. You can easily see messages and
reply to them without having to look at your phone. This software is more like
desktop notification for whatsapp.
desktop app is available for Windows 8 and up, and OS X 10.9 and higher.
Download it now by clicking this link.