VideoProc (Win/Mac Giveaway) – Easy 4K Video Editor with GPU Hardware Acceleration

VideoProc is the only application you need to edit your phone, action camera or drone captured videos in 2019. Not only editing, but this software can convert videos to any format, record screen backup DVDs, and much more. We will briefly review VideoProc, and show you how to get a free license key at the end of the article.

Phone, drone and action camera video shooting is common these days. Especially when shot in 4K mode, they take up a lot of space and another thing is that they need some special software to process the video. Application for smartphones and tablets is limited to cutting and applying filters to the video. VideoProc is the answer if you need some advanced editing.

There are many 4K video editors software, but the video captured from GoPro, DJI, and smartphones cannot be processed through them. Common issues such as stuttering playback, lag can be seen in traditional video editors, but with VideoProc, it seems that everything is smooth. You can do basic and advanced editing with VideoProc such as trim, merge, crop, cut, rotate, split video; adjust video volume/playback speed; add watermark/effect/ subtitle to video, convert video to GIF and more! Check either GoPro Quik or VideoProc.

Whatever hardware on your computer is available, whether it’s Intel, AMD or Nvidia, VideoProc handles everything and accelerates to deliver the best performance. In fact, VideoProc is one of the best video trim, edit, convert and compress processing software. At first launch, the application analyzes the computer hardware and boosts the performance at full speed, making editing videos easier.

Oh yes, it not only uses the CPU power, but it also takes full advantage of your hardware acceleration meaning you can processing 4K UHD, high-speed and even slo-mo videos. This way, GoPro videos, DJI drone shots, and other HD videos can be edited in a much quieter manner that does not put much pressure on your computer.

Also, the VideoProc can help process and reduce video size without losing quality. The same applies if you want to use the time-lapse or slo-mo modes to film in 4K resolution.

VideoProc also lets you resize and process video in the following ways:

  • Convert video to highly compressed MP4, HEVC format without quality loss
  • Cut and trim footage and keep only your preferred segment.
  • Split large videos into small parts automatically
  • Enhance video quality by upscale video resolution, such as 720p to 1080p; remove background noise; stabilize shaky videos; crop unwanted areas, adjust video brightness/contrast; add subtitle/effects/customized watermark, and more.

In GoPro / iPhone 4K video processing, VideoProc is not only the strongest, but it is also other features that certainly add more value to this product.

The additional feature also includes screen recording where you can record the entire screen which is a must have to record important things like while gaming or recording some sorts of the tutorial.

Also, there is a green screen feature where you can edit and apply effects to your videos in any way you like. In fact, the VideoProc is packed with all sorts of features in a single software which is my favorite kind of thing. Other features include:

DVD: Convert and backup DVD discs into popular formats, like DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, HEVC, etc.

Downloader: Download video, music, playlist, watch later list from YouTube and 1000+ sites, record YouTube live videos.

Recorder: Record full or part of your screen, record with webcam or record in picture-in-picture mode.

How to get a free license of VideoProc for Mac and Windows?

Simply go to the page for 4K video editors list, you’ll find the setup file and license key. Just install VideoProc and activate the free license before July 15. You can enjoy all the features mentioned above for completely free and as long as you want!

Do not forget to tell us what you think about this awesome software in the comment.