Say Goodbye to “Storage Almost Full” message with this external Flash-Drive for iPhone|iPad

Would you believe if I say you can use a Flash Drive on iPhone or iPad to copy files just like you do on computers? It’s true and this is a must have device for every iPhone|iPad users.

We often run out of storage on iOS device because we have lots of things to store on our iPhone these days. We shoot video in 4K quality, install games which is of huge size and edit videos that eats of large amount of storage in less time. And the frustrating situation is when it pops up a message saying “Storage Almost Full”. So to get out of this problem, Sandisk has brought a device called iXpand that works as a Flash Drive for iPhone and

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iXpand is really fast that can copy and load files on iOS

device within a seconds. To free up storage from your iPhone|iPad, all you need to do is – plug in the iXpand Flash Drive on iOS device and it will automatically start copying photos and video from your iPhone|iPad. After all the files are copied on iXpand, just delete the copied files from your iOS device to get extra space on it. And the best thing is you can access all your files directly from the flash drive when it’s plugged in to your iPhone|iPad.

iXpand works for all iPhone|iPad with a Lightning Port connector such as iPhone 5/S/SE, iPhone 6/S/Plus, iPhone 7/Plus, iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone X, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro and iPod Touch.

iXpand is available in four different storage option and their prices are listed below:

32 GB – $39.99
64 GB – $54.00
128 GB- $101.20
256 GB- $232.45
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