Download Rainbrow & Play with your Eyebrows on iPhone X

A new game called Rainbrow has arrived on AppStore which is
specially designed for iPhone X. Rainbrow is a game which lets you play and control the
game with your Eyebrows.
Rainbrow uses the TrueDepth camera system on the iPhone X to
track your eyebrow movements. As a result, the game cannot be played on devices
without a TrueDepth camera system.
The game is designed by Nathan Gitter and is available
for free.

Rainbrow is a game which lets you control the game with your Eyebrows and available for download for free.

Play Rainbrow with your face and control the character using your

Just lift your eyebrows up to jump up and lower them to jump
down. Dodge enemies, collect stars, and get a high score!
The games use the face depth information from the iPhone X
camera and control the emoji’s
movement. So, grab it and download Rainbrow on your iPhone X.

Download or you can download by scanning QR Code.

Compatible with iOS 11.0 or later.