Quanta Computer Working With Autonomous Driving Solutions

According to Taiwan reports based on Quanta Computers, ” As Quanta Computer seems to supply Apple with an unknown number of autonomous driving solutions.” It is to be said that Apple is working quietly on a Self-driving solution.

Quanta verify the development and testing of the first autonomous vehicle in the US. Quanta is developing its ability to design and create an intelligent system for driving.  Apart from that Quanta didn’t reveal any other details of the car which was tested.

With the test of the intelligent driving solution, Quanta proves it’s the ability for the betterment of the company. Those reasons can assist Quanta to obtain more partnership. Several reports suggest an autonomous vehicle, while others say that an electric vehicle is being created by Apple.

Quanta has been manufacturing Apple Watch since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015. It is very difficult to raise autonomous car programs. Apple had laid off 190 workers from self-driving Project Titan, besides being such a large corporation. It’ll be fascinating to see how Project Titan will be level-up by Apple.