Apple Release The New Arcade Games

Apple Arcade is the new Apple game service provider for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac users. Apple arcade service is getting a lot of observation since it’s release. The service has just released a few games. They are Ballistic Baseball, Manifold Garden, PAC-MAN Party Royale and Things that Go Bump.

  • Ballistic Baseball: Ballistic Baseball is an action-packed game in which battle takes place between pitcher and batter in head-head multiplayer matches.

  • PAC-MAN PARTY ROYALE: It is the new arcade featuring the four-player Battle Mode who the last PAC-MAN stands wins.

  • Manifold Garden: Manifold Garden seems to be a game that requires players to control gravity in order to solve the puzzle. For eg if you’re on a red block and you’re trying to hit a red button, you can control red blocks. You need to build steps and shelves to move through the game

  • Things That Go Bump: Things That Go Bump seems to be horror game that accepts controller. You’ll encounter spirits as a player at night and need to combine different objects to generate new characters.

Apple Arcade gaming service now has a total of about 100 titles running on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It can be accessed at $4.99 per month in the purchase.

Are you enjoying the Apple Arcade gaming service?