Luna Display Add New Mac-To-Mac Mode

Luna Display adds new Mac-to-Mac mode as it competes with Apple’s Sidecar feature. Luna Display, the well-liked accessory is expanded with new Mac-to-Mac mode. New Mac-to-Mac mode lets your iPad as a secondary display to your Mac.

Using Luna Display hardware your primary Mac can communicate with another Mac. Luna Display hardware helps to transform that secondary Mac into an external display. For the context, you can use the MacBook as a secondary display for your iMac. You can have the MacBook as it’s the main display if you have a Mac mini.

Luna Display is a great way to recycle an older Mac but works greats for people with dual Mac setup. Luna describes its features as:

Our all-new Mac-to-Mac Mode allows you to use any Mac as a second display. Finally, you can give purpose to your old Macs lying around! No need to have any idle devices. Theombinations are nearly endless.

You can have wide range of variants, which include iMac and MacBook Pro, Mac mini and MacBook, or even MacBook as a Secondary MacBook display. Here is the requirement to make this possible:

  • The Primary Mac requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later
  • The Secondary Mac requires macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion or later
  • You will need the latest version of Luna Display on all devices. Free download available here:
  • Internet connection is necessary as USB is only supported for Mac-to-iPad Mode at this time

As way to turn an iPad into secondary display to Mac, Luna Display became popular. macOS Catalina Sherlocked these features which adds a new feature called Sidecar to use the iPad as an external display natively. Apparently Luna display is trying to position itself as a flexible solution to the functionality of Apple itself.