Almost 55% of iPhones are Upgraded To iOS 13

Apple revealed it’s iOS 13 on September 19, 2019. The iOS 13 is thirteen major release iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. Apple had shared the major copy of the information on the acceptance of iOS 13 on the iPhones since September.

Today Apple shared the stats on the App Store Developer page. Apple announced that almost 55% of the iPhone was upgraded to the iOS 13 that were built past four years. About 38% of iPhones are still running on the iOS 12. This result shows the adaption of the iOS 13 over iOS 12 in a short period of timeframe.

So in the present year, Apple had broken the records between the  ‌iOS 13‌ and iPadOS compared to last year. Although they are introduced at different times this year they were successfully adopted by users. According to Apple, 41% of iPads from the past four years were upgraded to the iPadOS 13.

Apple had released the different beta versions related to the iOS 13 fixing bugs and stability improvements.