9 Movie Bundles that you do no want to miss out on iTunes

If you are a movie lover and love watching movies on your Apple Devices, then here are 9 movie bundles on iTunes that you don’t want to miss by any chance!

These movie bundles consists of every part of the original movie. So make sure you check each of the following movie.

[Tap the respective movie to preview it on iTunes]

Bambi / Bambi II

Rio 1 & 2 Double Features

Ice Age 5-Movie Collection

The Smurfs 3 Movie Collection

Hotel Transylvania Double Feature

Independence Day 2 Film Collection

The Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions Bundle

The Godfather Trilogy: The Coppola Restoration

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Part 1 and 2

So which one are you planning to watch or which one has been you favorite one? Comment below!