Lost All Files While Updating to iOS 12? PhoneRescue Will Recover It

iOS 12 is here and most of you may face a problem where your iPhone or iPad may be stuck in boot logo, failed update or lose all the data that you have on your device. But don’t worry! If any of these things arise, PhoneRescue will help to recover it.

Not only that. There comes a certain scenario where important photos on our iOS device get deleted. Pictures from photo library or iCloud might disappear while you are trying to Update or Jailbreak your iPhone. Or the device becomes completely unresponsive while after you upgrade to a new iOS.

But there is nothing to worry even these cases arise. Now, you can recover all the lost/deleted photos from your iOS devices with an amazing software called “PhoneRescue” from iMobie.

PhoneRescue for iPhone, a unique software can recover lost/deleted photos and even other essential things such as messages, contacts, notes, call logs and so on from your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch in just three steps. Just Connect your iOS DeviceScan & Preview Deleted Files & PhotosRecover it! Isn’t it easy?

It is a data recovery software, but more than just recovering lost data, it also fixes iPhone/iPad from breakdowns (like stuck on white Apple logo, continuous reboot loop, black screen, etc.) due to upgrade errors, and successfully upgrade your device to iOS 12. If you lost some data during iOS 12 update, PhoneRescue can also help in this case. It can retrieve your lost data from a device, iTunes backups, and iCloud backups. With the 3 recovery modes, the recovery success rate is maximized. So whether users meet issues during an update or find they lost data after updating to iOS 12, PhoneRescue can always help.

How to Fix iOS 12 Upgrade Failure With PhoneRescue

There is one best feature that you will love in PhoneRescue and that is iOS Repair Tools. You can use this feature to solve common issues like iOS upgrade failure, stuck on white Apple logo, unable to start the iOS device and device entering recovery mode.

Just Launch the PhoneRescue App on your Computer – Connect your iOS Device – Click iOS Repair Tools – Select the mode you like from Standard Mode and Advanced Mode and Sit back. Your iOS device will be updated to the latest iOS even without losing any of the data available on your device.

Also, PhoneRescue can recover deleted data and files with its three modes. Let’s check them out now.

Recover from iPhone

Use this option to recover deleted files from your iPhone such as photos, contacts, messages, reminders, calendars, notes etc. Remember, your device must be in working condition and detected by PhoneRescue software. After a successful connection, you can recover deleted files from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch even if you have forgotten your device’s passcode.

Recover from iTunes Backup

There might be a case where your device gets damaged, stolen, lost or doesn’t respond at all. But if you have backed up your device on iTunes, then you don’t have to worry at all. In that case, the “Recover from iTunes Backup” option will save you. It can recover data from all the iTunes backups that are available on your computer.

Recover using iCloud Backup

This option is similar to “Recover from iTunes Backup”. The only difference is you use iCloud account to recover files from iCloud. All you need to do is enter the Apple ID and Password of an iCloud account where you use to back up all the files on your iPhone/iPad and PhoneRescue will do the rest of things for you.

Try PhoneRescue on your Mac and Windows now!