How To Fix Ping Issue In Pubg Mobile | iOS & Android

Do you often face high ping issue in Pubg Mobile? If so then here is a solution to fix this issue and bring down the ping to 70 – 120ms.

I was also the one who faced a ping issue in Pubg Mobile for a very long time until I found the solution to this problem. If you are wondering why you’re getting poor ping even if you have a high-speed internet connection then you must understand that this problem arises because of the server. Countries with its own Pubg Mobile server does not face the ping issue ever. They generally play in 40-70ms ping whereas a country without the server runs above 200ms which results in lag while playing the game.

Poor ping means poor gaming because a person playing with a really good ping can enjoy faster gameplay like the picking up items is really fast, entering the car is super smooth and so on. But playing Pubg mobile in a poor ping results in choppy gameplay where everything is slower. You see the enemy really late, picking up items take forever and killing an enemy is not always right on the spot.

But today, that issue will be gone forever! I am going to guide you on fixing the high ping issue on Pubg Mobile on iOS and Android.

How To Fix High Ping Problem in Pubg Mobile On iOS & Android

The idea is really simple. If your country does not have own Pubg Mobile server then you need to be on one whose country has it. Meaning you need to play the game on others country server. But how? Let me show you the path now!

If you live in Asia then countries like Singapore, Japan, China, India etc have their own Pubg mobile server so the idea is to enter their server using a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that allows your device’s IP to change to their country. So turn on the VPN and select the country where there is Pubg mobile server. I suggest you choose India cause it worked for me. After the VPN is turned on, launch the game and you’re good to go! You will see the ping running in Green color from 40-120 ms!

Here is a VPN app that works the best. It’s called Turbo VPN! There is a country like India and Singapore to choose from. Try it a couple of time but you will see the result eventually. Let us know if it works for you.

Download Turbo VPN For iOS

Download Turbo VPN For Android