How To Add An App Drawer Like Android On iPhone

I think you might be somewhat familiar with the Android devices App Drawer that is used to access all the apps from one place.

If you want to get and try the similar app drawer like Android on iPhone then there is a Cydia tweak named “Vesta” by the iOS developer SparkDev.

However, Vesta can be accessed with the help of gesture that can be assigned with Activator. The app drawer is partitioned into two part: one shows the recently used apps and the other shows all the installed apps on your device.

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After installation, you will see a separate preference pane for this tweak where you can play with the settings as your likes.

Similarly, you can download Vesta from the for free and it is compatible with iOS 9 to iOS 12.

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How To Install Vesta from Cydia & Add An App Drawer Like Android 

1: Launch Cydia

2: Tap Source – Edit – Add source

3: Tap the Search tab and search for Vesta

4: Install it and you’re done!

You have now added the Android like App Drawer on your iPhone.

So are you going to give it a try installing Vesta on your iPhone?

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