Apple’s HomePod Has Been Jailbroken After So Long

The HomePod was now jailbroken by the checkra1n team over two years after its release. This is the first jailbreak in the world for the smart speaker powered by Siri.

HomePod was jailbroken by checkra1n and posted on Twitter with @ L1ngL1ng_. The terminal window was pictured showing root access via SSH on the HomePod.

Hello Homepod, meet checkra1n.

Huge thanks to @DanyL931 for helping to get this running.

— L1ngL1ng (@_L1ngL1ng_) November 19, 2020It is currently unclear how to jailbreak your HomePod with checkra1n because the steps are not detailed. The advantages of breaking the HomePod are not as clear as ever. This opens the door for many possibilities, including using the HomePod as a traditional Bluetooth speaker to match other non-iOS devices and much more.