This week Apple Highlights Free App of the Week to “Colossatron”

Love playing
strategy game? This week Apple Store has highlighted Colossatron: Massive
World Threat, by Halfbricks Studio as ‘Free App of the Week’ this
week that means you can download and enjoy this game at no charge
throughout the whole week (free).

If you miss to download ‘Free App of the Week’ Colossatron: Massive
World Threat now, you will be charged as a regular price $0.99. So hurry
up and grab this puzzle game for iPhone, iPad for free. This app download is
valid till this week for 7 days only. So once you download this
app from App Store, you can use it forever for free.
This week Apple Store has highlighted Colossatron: Massive World Threat, by Halfbricks Studio as ‘Free App of the Week’

From the App
Store Editors’ Notes:

Colossatron is
developer Halfbrick’s creative spin on a match-three game. Amid frenetic,
explosive battlegrounds, attach colorful weaponry to a roving monstrosity and
enhance its destructive power. The easy-to-understand gameplay and cleverly
designed matching and upgrade mechanics reward careful, strategic play. With
quirky humor and thoughtful attention to detail, Colossatron is an expertly crafted
and accessible delight. 

Here’s a demo
of the game Colossatron: Massive World Threat ;

iOS 7 or Later.