The Robot Factory is highlighted as Apple’s Free App of the week [ Download ]

This week Apple Store has highlighted a game The Robot Factory by Tinibop Inc. as ‘Free App of the Week’ that means you can download and enjoy at no charge(free) this week. 

If you miss to download ‘Free App of the Week’ The Robot Factory now, you will be charged as a regular price $3.99. So hurry up and grab this game for iPhone, iPad for free. This app download is valid till this week only. So once you download this app, you can use it forever for free.
This week Apple Store has highlighted a game The Robot Factory by Tinibop Inc. as ‘Free App of the Week’ that means you can download and enjoy at no charge(free) this week.

The Robot Factory , Apple’s free app of the week is the first app in
Tinybop’s Digital Toys, a series of open-ended building apps that let kids ages
6+ create, test, play with, and collect whatever they can imagine. The Robot Factory comes with many more features where you can build thousand of robots, make your robot dance, colorize your robots, send text messages with robot stickers and much more.

From the App Store Editors’ Notes:
Kids (and kids at heart) can unleash
their inner scientists with this captivatingly clever robot-creation kit, which
features millions of different combinations for mechanical inventions. Whether
you’re assembling a wheeled bot with laser guns for arms or a jolly jumping
automation with pogo-stick legs, taking your new bot on a walk through the
woods will highlight the success—or the rough edges—of your design. While The
Robot Factory teaches some nifty physics basics, we like to play around just
for the pure fun of it.

Take a look the demo of The Robot Factory ( Free App of the Week) ;

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.
The Robot Factory is available for download in the App Store for free for a limited time.