What if every Apple Product gets notch just like iPhone X? [VIDEO]

This year the iPhone X got major update in terms of design
and hardware. One of the thing you will notice on iPhone X is a cut out on top.
Now a new renders from Curved.de showcases same cut out on every Apple product
including Macbook Pro, iMac, iPad and Apple Watch.

Imagine how will every Apple product look if it gets notch just like iPhone X? Here is a video...
The notch looks really cool on every Apple Product. It doesn’t
only carries a beautiful design but is integrated with some powerful hardware.
The notch is taken a way many steps forward on Apple Watch
with a bezel-less design that looks like the future for Apple. Current Apple
Watch is almost bezel-less but it would have been even better if Apple applies
this renders to its upcoming Apple Watches.
The Macbook Pro also looks incredible with a notch and
bezel-less screen sizes. As of iMac, it has already a bezel-less screen which I
am huge fan of but it would be even great if Apple adopts the iPhone X notch on
iMacs too.
And folks, it is already confirmed by KGI that notch is
coming to iPads next year. It seems like Apple is replacing Touch ID with
FaceID on each of Apple products.

Check out the Renders here