Here are all the Gestures Sign to operate an iPhone X (iPhone 10)

iPhone X has been already launched and it is amazing. It is identical to what we saw and heard in rumors. It has no physical home button, but has a gestures and has a cut out on top, equipped with dual lens vertical camera, and more.
One of the main noticeable thing is there is no home button on the new OLED iPhone X or iPhone 10 so how you’re supposed to act to different iPhone operations if there is no home button? Well there is a new way to do so.
Apple has replaced the home button from iPhone X with a Gestures. Now you need to use various gestures in order to close the app, toggle app switcher, launch control center and more.

How to Use iPhone X ??

So here are different Gestures Sign that you should know about iPhone X

How to Exit an App and Go to Home Screen on iPhone X (iPhone 10)?

Quickly Swipe up from the bottom of the Screen

How to Switch between apps on iPhone X (iPhone 10)?

Swipe from left to right or right to left on the bottom of
the Screen.

How to Toggle App Switcher on iPhone X (iPhone 10)?

Swipe Up from the bottom of the Screen and Hold

How to Launch App Switcher on iPhone X (iPhone 10)?

Swipe Down from the top right of the screen