Tip Replacements For The AirPods Pro Earpiece will cost $4

John Gruber, Daring Fireball shared his first exclusive observation of the newly released AirPods Pro. On a return trip from Apple’s media briefing back home, John is able to use AirPods Pro for the hours. He is like to be fond of the new AirPods Pro with the noise cancellation to work well. As well as the battery life to match as claims by Apple:

Apple invited a few dozen media folks to New York today for a briefing and early access to the new ‌AirPods Pro‌. My initial impression: I like them

A well as Gruber considers that the earpiece tips will be available from Apple at $4 with three different sizes.

Swapping the tips is easy, but it takes a bit more pull than I expected to pop them off. Don’t be afraid — the tips seem rugged. And replacement tips from Apple will cost only $4 — truly cheap.

With the noise cancellation, in-ear design, and resistance to water and sweat is available at $249.