AirPods Pro To Arrive Soon In The Apple Store

Apple release it’s new device Airpods Pro on 28th October. Following its release, it is expected to arrive soon in the Apple Store. Costumers who had booked their AirPods Pro soon after the release got a delivery date on the  31st of October. The date is only for those customers who have booked their devices right after the release.

As for those customers who have booked a bit late is expected to extend their delivery for one week for the AirPods Pro. The delivery date for the Airpods Pro is presumed to be on the 31st of October but Apple notifies the shifting from 31st to 30th October. One sad thing is that the UPS tracking is not yet working and that the Apple Store app only displays the delivery date of October 31st.

The new AirPods Pro with a light design makes the device pleasant to wear with the vent system to equalize the pressure and reduce discomforts. The new AirPods will feature air vents for noise cancellation and the new metal design for the heat dissipation. Apple improved the sound quality with Adaptive EQ that tunes the frequencies of the music as required by the ears. A new Dynamic amplifier also helps to improve sound clarity and as well as battery life.

Although AirPods still dominates the market. There is a range of other impressive earbuds with a superior feature set. That includes active noise cancellation, water resistance, and improved sound quality. After the release of the AirPods Pro, a lot of change is remarked in comparison to the first release AirPods. But revealing the Airpods Pro Apple ensures they won’t fall in the competition behind.

Did you get the delivery date for the ordered AirPods Pro?