[Rumor] iPhone 7 to add new 256 GB Storage line up cutting out the 16 GB storage

A new rumor suggests that the new iPhone7/Plus might come with more storage option than the previous one. It is likely
to add 256 GB variant removing the low 16 GB option.
A new leaked image has arrived that
shows a memory chip that reads out 256 G (256GB). The look of the chip is
identical to the chip that are being used in current Apple products like iPhone
6S and iPad Pro. So there is a great chance that this chip belongs to iPhone 7.

Another reason that Apple may add the
new 256 GB variant is because of its 4K video recording feature. 16 GB on
iPhone 6S can only record 10-15 seconds of 4K videos which is totally useless! 4K
videos are 2X more sharp than the 1080 HD videos.
If this rumor turned out to be true than
Apple likely to cut out the 16 GB variant and start from 32 GB which will give
the 4 storage option (32GB, 64GB, 128 GB and 256 GB).
Let’s see if this rumor turned out to be true
or false. Stick with us for more news and rumors!

How many of you think that 16 GB storage
is not enough??
Source: HDblog