Rumor: iPhone 7 could be Water Resistant and have Touch Sensitive Home Button

There is still
some months remaining for the release of new iPhone 7/Plus but there has been numerous
rumors for a while. A new rumor from Taiwanese Website Digitimes claims that
the new iPhone 7 will be Water Resistant and Dust Resistant. It also suggests
that there will not be a home button like we used to have before.
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and dust proof Smartphone has been already launched by other rival companies.
Latest Smartphone from Samsung i.e. Galaxy S7 also features dust and water resistant
on its device. So is this time for Apple? If we see previous rumors than there
is a clear sign that Apple will be featuring Water and Dust resistant on its
upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
Besides that
Apple has also planned to remove the home button and integrate a Touch IDsensor within the display according to the rumors. That means you do not have
to press the home button like you use to before. All you have to do is Touch it
like the Cydia Tweak called “Virtual Home”. Touch it once to access home, Touch
twice to launch multitasking and so on. We are not sure that the iPhone 7 will
have this feature or not but Apple has been working on this technology from a
long time.
iPhone 7 is
expected to be more thinner, flush camera, no antenna bands and no headphone
jack. Rumors claim that the upcoming iPhone 7 will be just an upgrade to
previous iPhone 6S. If this is the case than Apple surely will lose its sales
by a huge amount. It will be launched on September this year.
Will you buy
the new iPhone 7 if it is just an upgrade to the current iPhone 6S?
Via: macrumors