Make your iPhone/iPad iCons 3D with ‘Real 3D’ SpringBoard Tweak [Video]

Wanna real 3D icons of your Homescreen/Springboard on iPhone/iPad?
Developer Elias Limneos‏ has posted a video demonstrating an
upcoming tweak for iOS that adds a real live 3D effect to your SpringBoard/Homescreen

When you play or move with the homescreen icons, it gives you the real and
amazing 3D view of iCons which is awesome and definitely I am gone install when
it is release. 

What if SpringBoard was in live 3D with accelerometer-based
movement? Elias Limneos is working hard on it and will probably release soon. Will it be for free or paid? and what will be the tweak name? 

This Real 3D Springboard tweak will be
compatible with iOS 9/10 or later.