New Samsung Ad tries to mock Apple but it doesn’t make any sense [Video]

Samsung has just performed a childish act by comparing their latest Samsung Galaxy S9 with Apple’s four year old iPhone 6.

New latest ad from Samsung shows how slow the iPhone 6 is and mock iPhone throttling feature while suggesting to switch to their recently released Galaxy S9. Also the ad show iPhone 6 not having water proof feature.

To be honest, this ad doesn’t make any sense because they are comparing their latest smartphone with Apple’s iPhone 6 which was released four years back. They should have compared their latest smartphone with Apple’s latest smartphone such as iPhone X/8/8 Plus.

Check out the video yourself:


  1. This makes perfect sense, they are targeting people who still use iPhone 6/+ and off course this is a lying world of ads so what they are suggesting is instead of upgrading to iPhone’s new model upgrade to Samsung, which would not be the same but then it’s the lying world of ads.

  2. The ad is about upgrading from an (increasingly problematic) iPhone 6. As that is an audience ripe for the picking — and I should know as I count myself among those poor souls who use the iPhone 6 — it’s not an unfair comparison. Samsung’s ad assumes (correctly) that I’m looking for alternatives and (wisely) seeks to influence me to upgrade to their phone by explaining what I will gain by doing so. All fair game. If Apple wants to sell me on the features of its latest model it can do so using its own ad money; to expect Samsung to do that for Apple is lunacy.

  3. It makes complete sense. Samsung is trying to gain the iPhone customer base that is hit hardest, by the battery issue currently in everyone’s mind. They realized that these folks probably haven’t upgraded to the new iPhone yet because they are questioning Apples actions, and possibly trying to decide if they want to give Apple any more money.

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