Jailbreaks.fun Not Working? Here is An Alternative To Download Unc0ver App on iPhone Using TweakBox

The iOS 12 – 12.1.2 Uncover (Unc0ver) Jailbreak is already here and people are loving it on their iPhones and other iOS devices. This latest Jailbreak can be installed on the iPhone with just a single app which can be downloaded on the device itself. But the site which is used to download the Unc0ver app “Jailbreaks.fun” is not available right now and users with the compatible iOS are not able to Jailbreak their device.

It seems like the site’s owner has deleted the whole page where there were few apps including Unc0ver.

There is an option to Jailbreak an iPhone using a PC using Cydia Impactor but it’s not as good as Jailbreaking using an iPhone itself. So we have found a Jailbreaks.fun alternative where you will be able to download and install Unc0ver app and Jailbreak your iPhone.

However, if you like to Jailbreak your iPhone using a PC via Cydia Impactor then here is a guide.

We are talking about TweakBox! The Unc0ver app is now available in TweakBox which is stable and working fine for Jailbreaking an iOS device. So if you would like to Jailbreak your device then use TweakBox to download the Unc0ver app on your iPhone.

Here is How To Download and Install Unc0ver App Using TweakBox

Tweakbox Unc0ver

1: Launch Safari on your iPhone

2: Enter the URL next.tweakboxapp.com in the address bar

3: Tap Apps

4: Tap TweakBox apps

5: Scroll down and find Unc0ver Jailbreak

6: Hit Install & Install Again. It will start downloading in the Home Screen.

7: Once the download is completed, go to Settings of your iPhone – General – Profile & Device Management – Tap the configuration profile for Unc0ver app and Trust it

8: Done! Now launch the Unc0ver app and Jailbreak your device right away.

The Jailbreak process may fail a few times. For successful Jailbreak, launch the Unc0ver app, tap Settings and turn on these settings: Refresh Icon Cache, Reinstall Cydia and Reset Cydia Cache.

Cydia Unc0ver

If you are running iOS 12.1.3 and higher and not able to Jailbreak then you need to downgrade the iPhone to iOS 12.1.1 Beta 3 which is the only iOS that Apple is signing right now.

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