iPadOS Comes To iPad | What’s New?

Apple rebranded iOS as iPadOS for the iPad. With more icons per page, the home screen is denser and you can slide out a column of permanent widgets on the left of the screen.

Now, in split views, you can have multiple windows per open application. New link previews are also available when long-pressing. The iPad now supports native external disk drives and SD cards; just plug in from the Files app and access it.

With iCloud Drive, folder sharing is now supported, not just files. The new Files app includes a macOS-like column view.

Attached storage directories appear in the Files app. There’s a way to automatically launch your favorite third-party image editor for cameras— like Lightroom.

Apple also brings “desktop class” browsing to the iPad with improved compatibility for web apps such as Google Docs or Squarespace. There are also new keyboard shortcuts and a download manager for iPad Safari.

Apple also adds support for custom font to iPadOS. You can download App Store font libraries.

For cut-copy-paste, there are new three-finger gestures, including a three-finger swipe.

For even more responsive interactions when using a digital stylus, Apple Pencil latency drops from 20 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds.