Apple Launches Sign in With Apple Button For Apps

As part of its iOS 13 announcements, Apple announced a new sign-in with the Apple button. The button offers single-sign Apple ID features similar to Twitter, Facebook or Google sign-in buttons.

Apple market this as an option for privacy-safe sign-in. Apple will mask user email addresses and other personal information while allowing apps to indirectly contact users.

Users choose which information to share with the app for the destination. You can share your real email address with the third-party app or use the email forwarding option’ hide my email.’ The app would see only a random anonymous email address in the latter case.

Of course, to integrate the’ Sign in with Apple ‘ button, apps need to update. Many applications may not want to add the Apple ID login because they are unable to access the customer data they want. We’re going to have to wait and see how it shakes out.