How to view iPhone 6S Live Photos on older devices without Jailbreak

  is a new iPhone 6s & 6s+ exclusive feature
that breathes new life into static photography. Viewing a Live Photo on an
iPhone 6s is simple because of its 3D Touch features built in. But every body
like to have this features on their older devices too. So how does it work on
devices that do not have 3D Touch? It’s very simple! For this you dont need to jailbreak your device.
transfer live photos via Airdrop from iPhone 6s & 6s+ to any older devices
running iOS 9. When receiving a Live Photo via AirDrop or in a Shared Photo
Album, simply tap and hold your finger on it. The photo will then come to life,
showing 1.5 second of live footage before and after the actual shot. 
If you were sent a Live Photo via Messages, you will first have to tap
on the photo thumbnail in your conversation, then tap and hold on the full
image to see it animate.
So everyone can actually see Live
Photos, even though only people with newer devices are capable of shooting Live
You can simply differentiate Live
Photos from Normal Photos if you see bullseye icon in the upper left
corner on the images.

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