How to Switch Between List View and Grid View on Apple Watch

If you find it hard to find apps in Grid View or Honeycomb app view on Apple Watch then it’s time to switch it to the list view.

Your Apple Watch offers an option to switch between Grid View and List View for its Home Screen which looks awesome. It is easier to scroll through all the available apps on Apple Watch and select it precisely.

Another thing I liked about the list view is it is even smoother while launching Homescreen on Apple Watch. The animations are fine and it’s just faster. That is why I prefer List View on Apple Watch rather than Grid View.

How to Change Grid View to List View on Apple Watch

Step 1: Press the Digital Crown & Launch Homescreen on your Apple Watch

Step 2: Force Touch/Hard Press the Homescreen

Step 3: You will see Grid View and List View option


Step 4: Select List View & Done!

It’s that easy.

Which one do your prefer? List View or Grid View?

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