How durable is the new iPhone X? This video has an answer!

The iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive smartphone out in the
market. The 64 GB base iPhone model cost $999 which is a lot of money. But is
the phone worth? Is it durable enough to survive if it’s dropped from couple of
inches? You will get the answer at the end of this post.

How Durable is the new iPhone X? Here is a drop test video ready for you!

The iPhone X has an OLED display and also a Glass at back
which Apple claims to be the most durable glasses on any smartphone in the
market. But by any chance if you damage your iPhone X, it will cost you up to
$549 to repair it.
Let’s check out the iPhone X Drop Test video by popular
Youtuber EverythingApplePro where he demonstrates iPhone X drop with various scenarios
such as drop from a head height, drop using cases, drop within a waist height
and so on. The video is really interesting and is embedded below: