How To Enable & Use Night Stand Mode on Apple Watch

Night Stand Mode on Apple Watch works as a bedside time-telling machine when you are not wearing it. This function only works when the Apple Watch is charge on its dock.
Many of us charge our Apple Watch by our bedside, so it’s a good idea to make it use as a time teller throughout the night. The most interesting thing about Apple Watch’s Night Stand Mode is, you do not even need to tap or press any buttons on your device to see the time at night. It perfectly sense the vibration and automatically wakes up your Apple Watch whenever you are up at night.
So before you could start using Apple Watch Night Stand Mode, you need to enable this feature either from your Apple Watch or using Watch app on your iPhone. So let’s enable and use the Night Stand Mode on Apple Watch.

How to Enable Night Stand Mode using Apple Watch

Step 1: Go to Settings 


Step 2: Tap General


Step 3: Tap Nightstand Mode


Step 4: Enable it 


How to Enable Night Stand Mode using iPhone
Step 1: Launch Watch App


Step 2: Tap General

Step 3: Scroll Down and Enable Night Stand Mode 

How to Use Night Stand Mode on Apple Watch

Step 1: When this feature is enabled, connect your Apple Watch to its dock
Step 2: Place your Apple Watch in a Landscape Mode – Done!!
When enabled Night Stand Mode feature on Apple Watch it will show you useful information like time, date, day and the amount of battery charged.
Have you been using this feature on your Apple Watch? Do you find it useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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