Could this Apple’s Foldable iPhone Beat Samsung Galaxy Foldable phone?

Samsung recently unveiled the new Galaxy Foldable phone (flexible display) which has been loved by many users and the many demonstration videos has been posted on YouTube and is now popular around the world.

This phone has really challenged Apple. So hereby, a new foldable iPhone concept is out on the web which is designed by Roy Gilsing for

Could this be Apple’s answer to the Samsung foldable phone? and would Apple launch Foldable iPhone this year?

Check out this foldable iPhone concept by which shows how the Foldable iPhone look like?

Foldable.News asked Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing just that. Gilsing is a renowned product developer who has worked for clients such as Rabobank, Colgate-Palmolive and Fresh ‘n Rebel. He’s also one of the specialists of the ‘Stars of Science’ tv-show, which is being broadcast in more than 10 countries. At our request, he designed the imaginary ‘iPhone X Fold’, a sleek handset with two displays. The outer display features a 1:3 aspect ratio and the inner, foldable display has a 2:3 aspect ratio. 

Similarly, the concept shows how the foldable device switches seamlessly between iPhone and iPad-mode and can be used in both portrait and landscape along with many features.

Foldable-iPhone-2019-like-ipadDo you like this concept?

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