Best Sn0wBoard Themes for iOS 13 – iOS 12 Jailbreak Devices [Unc0ver]

There are thousands of themes for iPhone that are available for paid and some are for free but checking all the themes takes lots of time so taking care of you, we bring you a list of top best Sn0wBoard themes for iOS 13-13.5 and iOS 12.1.2-12.1.1-12.0 jailbroken by Unc0ver on iPhone or iPad that we have covered after the testing and making sure that it works perfectly.

As we all are known about the latest Unc0ver jailbreak on iOS 13 – iOS 12 and many of us are trying to install some compatible Cydia tweaks and making the power of the iPhone even greater.

And now at this moment, maybe we are searching for the Snowboard Themes compatible with the iOS 13 -13.5 & iOS 12-12.1.2 that is jailbreak by current Unc0ver. In the Cydia Store, many tweaks are not compatible yet and the same applies to the theme too.

Which iOS version is running on your iPhone?

If you are on iOS 12, 12.1.1 & 12.1.2 then follow the below link to jailbreak your iPhone.

Here’s how to Jailbreak iPhone running iOS 12.1.2/12.1.1/12.0 with Unc0ver

And if you are on iOS 13-13.5 then here’s how to jailbreak your iPhone running iOS 13-13.5.

You can now get the number of themes from the various repo and install it through Sn0wBoard as well.

What is Sn0wBoard?

Snowboard is a lightweight spiritual successor to the legendary Winterboard theming engine. Sn0wBoard works on iOS 13-13.5 to iOS 12.1.2,12.1.1, 12.0 down to iOS 7 and supports formats from all other popular theming engines.

Snowboard is faithful to the spirit of jailbreaking and as an essential tool for theming and it’s available for free.

How to install SnowBoard themes with Cydia?

Installing themes in iOS 13 with Sn0wBoard on your iPhone easy simple. Just follow the steps to proceed ahead.

1#. Simply go to Cydia

2#. Download your favorite themes from any repo that is compatible with your jailbroken version like iOS 13-15 to iOS 12.1.2-12 or below.

3#. Now Go to Settings > Scroll down to tweak performance > tap on Sn0wBoard

4#. There you will see your download themes, just tap on the theme you want to have on your iPhone.

Note: You don’t need to respring your device for any changes, it automatically effects and work for you.

Best Sn0wBoard Themes for iPhone [Unc0ver Jailbreak]

Muze 4


Muze 4 is a clean and sleek icon theme that completely redefines your iOS experience. It contains over 700 icons, 300+ redesigned original icons, 400+ new icons and more. Muze 4 is brighter, bolder and better than ever before.

Repo: Packi x

Price: $2.99



Vivido1 is a flat theme which is beautifully designed and contains over 250+ icons, changed Anemone icon, changed Cydia buttons, loading circles, change mute, speaker and more.

Repo: Repo: Packi x

Price: $1.99

Felicity “An Intense and Happy theme”


Felicity is an intense and happy theme that comes with over 150 icons, that have been designed with great focus and attention to detail and more.

Repo: BigBoss

Price: Free

Folds “Unfold the vibrancy”


Folds is amazing comes with 461 vibrant glyphs, nice wallpaper, and the number of solid neon icons. Folds is compatible with Sn0wboard and Unc0ver jailbreak running iOS 12.1.2-12.

Repo: Packi x

Price: $2.99

Lotus “A Simple subtle theme”


Lotus is a gradient theme that bursts vibrantly yet subtle with its color. It has over a number of icons, badges etc. Lotus is compatible with iOS 12.1.2-12 and supports Sn0wboard.

Repo: ZodTTD & MacCiti

Price: Free

These all beautiful iOS 13 compatible SnowBoard themes make your iPhone looks good. Also, there are other theme platforms like Anemone that you can try it out.

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