Bad News: Houdini Jailbreak no longer coming for public ever in future

Houdini, a tool similar to Cydia was very popular when it first came out in iOS 10 and was ready to be announced for iOS 11 as well. The tool was developed by the talented developer and hacker Abraham Masri. Now the hacker has announced that he won’t be releasing any kind of jailbreak related project anywhere in near future.

He tweeted:

The Houdini tool for iPhone could do some serious things like changing the resolution of the device, renaming the 3D Touch icons shortcuts, clean cache files, change boot logo, change the shape of an icon, apply themes and many more.

It’s still unclear why the hacker planned to take his hands off out of Jailbreak community. This is a really sad news for all the Jailbreakers. Hope he makes a come back with something new and useful tool in near future.

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