AnyTrans: iPhone Users Favorite Backup Solution Now Offers Moving WhatsApp Data 

With iOS 13, Apple has ditched the use of iTunes on Mac and if you’re fade using iTunes to create and restore restrictive backups for your iPhone, the following guide provides a much easier-to-use and manage alternative method than iTunes. Read on for more information on the method.

If you’ve used the iTunes app to create your iPhone backups so far, you’d know that iTunes has a lot of restrictions on creating and restoring iPhone backups. Although it’s an official app to create your iPhone backups, it doesn’t offer the flexibility that many iOS users are looking for to back up content.

Luckily we have some third-party companies like iMobie that offers a really awesome alternative app. It is called AnyTrans for iOS and for all your iOS-based devices, a complete backup and restore solution. The app has been on the market for more than seven years, helping over 10 million users to create and restore backups on their iPhones.

There’s a reason why over ten million consumers choose AnyTrans for iOS over iTunes to build their backups. The app offers flexible backup options, which means that you are the one who decides what content you want to backup and restore on your iPhone, unlike iTunes, where the app decides what to back up to. You can even transfer your social media data between your devices, including WhatsApp messages, with the new version of AnyTrans for iOS.

Some features of AnyTrans

  • Enables you to take control of data such as music, photos, contacts, etc. on your iOS devices, iTunes and iCloud.
  • Helps you to transfer all data from your old iOS device to your new iOS device as well as transfer data from Android to your iPhone.
  • Supports data transfer between computers and iOS devices; iTunes to iOS devices; and iCloud data download and upload.
  • Instead of creating compressed pictures or thumbnails, transfer original iPhone photos to the computer.
  • Transfer WhatsApp chats with photos, videos, music, and so on, and LINE, Viber, from iPhone to iPhone, or 1 click back up and restore as you like
  • Supports other different types of files such as videos, audio, notes, calendars, documents, etc.

In addition to the above features, AnyTrans provides a flexible backup manager with 3 backup solutions: Full Backup, Incremental Backup, and Air Backup.

Full backup: Unlike iTunes, AnyTrans allows you to add more data types to your backups, allowing you to create real full iPhone backups.

Incremental Backup: The app now only allows you to back up the changed content that, in turn, will save you time and space.

Air Backup: If you don’t like to mess around with USB cables, your iPhone backups can now be created wirelessly with the software.

The latest version of AnyTrans features a new social message manager that allows transferring WhatsApp chats from iPhone to other devices with photos, videos, music, etc. Currently, the feature supports three major instant messaging apps, WhatsApp, Line, and Viber.

AnyTrans Overall is a great premium iTunes alternative that iMobie offers to manage your iPhone, PC iPad, and Mac. It performs many tasks even better than iTunes and other iOS managers, especially file transfer and backup services. Install the free trial and test the program yourself to find out why it is the best iTunes alternative.