Zeppelin Alternative for iOS 12 and 11 Jailbreak

The most popular jailbreak tweak called Zeppelin, allows users to customize their carrier icon along with the status bar but after the release of iOS 12 jailbreak Zeppelin is now incompatible.

Most of us may want to replace the carrier with something new favorite icon on the status of the iPhone and may be you are searching for the updated Zeppelin or its alternative.

Zeppelin Alternative Jailbreak Tweak

iOS developer PeterDev just released a new jailbreak tweak called Xeon (Beta), which lets you customize the carrier icon along with the status bar just like Zeppelin.

So Xeon(Beta) is the best alternative tweak of Zeppelin for iPad and iPhone X style status bar.

After the installation of Xeon (Beta) you will have an option to configure from the preference pane in the Settings app where you can customize your carrier icon, images, texts, and status bar as you like.


With Xeon, you can do many things better than Zeppelin like;

  • Change the carrier name
  • Change the cellular type (4G, LTE)
  • Display the numeric battery % in the battery icon
  • Put an image, GIF image, Emoji in front of the carrier and/or time text
  • And much more customization on the Status bar

Note: To change effect, respring is needed.

However,  Xeon (Beta) is expected to feature Cellular Signal theming, Wi-Fi signal theming, Battery Icon theming and more in the upcoming updates.

To get Zeppelin alternative for iOS 11 and 12, you need to jailbreak your iPhone and install the Xeon tweak which is available in Cydia via Repo; http://nexusrepo.kro.kr/ for free however you can download the full version for $1.99 via Packix repository

Grab it if you really want to customize your iPhone’s Carrier and Status bar.

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