You won’t believe how much FBI paid hacker to unlock San Bernardino Shooters iPhone

The San Bernardino shooting news is around for a while. The
iPhone used by the shooter has been unlocked by FBI paying huge amount to the

As you might know, Apple didn’t unlock the shooters iPhone because
of the security issue. But FBI took help of the hacker where it paid a huge
amount of $1.3 million.
The FBI asked hacker to unlock the shooters iPhone thinking
that they could find more evidence and other activities of the shooter. But unfortunately
they got nothing important. They couldn’t find anything useful by paying that
much amount of money.
Accorinng to FBI Director James Comey’s comment when asked
how much the FBI paid to unlock the iPhone, Comey said, “A lot more than I will
make in the remainder of this job, which is sever years and four months for
sure, but it was, in my view, worth it.” Reuters based on their calculation on
that statement and based on Comey’s annual salary and how long left would have
left in his position, it came up to $1.34 million.
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