You haven’t seen iPhone Case like this before [For iPhone 5 – iPhone X ]

This Waterproof + 3 Camera Lens Shockproof Metal Case Back Cover is just awesome. The design is mind blowing and it comes with a in built lens – Wide Angle, Macro and Fisheye.

The great thing is, it is available for almost every iPhone model [iPhone 5/SE, iPhone 6/s/plus, iPhone 7/plus, iPhone 8/plus and iPhone X].

You also have an 4 color option – Black & Black, Rose Gold & Black, Silver & Black, Gold & Black.

The price of this case ranges from $16 – $18 depending on iPhone models.

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Product Features:

  • Special design for with cell phone camera lens function
  • Durable and washable.
  • Perfectly fits the shape.
  • Excellent protection for your phone.
  • Comprehensive protect case.
  • This artifact with a piece of gorilla glass to protect your iPhone’s fragile screen, while has no affection to the smooth touch experience.
  • With the design of 365° cover construction, silica gel seal packing and gasket, this case has a good waterproof function in a rainy day or bearing similar water splash.
  • What’s more, it can suck the shock, protects your lovely phone from deformation, and the sealing case can resist dust, your phone will be always brand-new!!!!
  • Delicate design, such as Headset jack, Mute key holes and metal buttons, maintain your phone’s high-end sense, every detail can fit your phone perfectly.
  • Superlative contracted design, easy for carry and perfect protection
  • Surface anti-dust, anti-stick fingerprint, strong weather resistance, not stick hand, proper hardness, softness,comfortable feeling
  • Hole and edge horn processing show originally, with excellent practicability and perfect sensuality.
  • Inside edge design, perfect match, keep headset and charger port, do not affect any key-press operations.
  • Side and inner case with dull polish dispose, good hand feeling, no sweat stains, easy to clean.
  • Detail processing is delicate and perfect, truly highlighted our rigorous attitude for the products.
Important Note: The case only support anti-rain, water flowers, not support dive.
Material:Aluminum + Gorilla Glass
Compatible with:
  • For iPhone 7
  • For iPhone 7 plus
  • For iPhone 8
  • For iPhone 8 Plus
  • For iPhone X (iPhone 10)

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