You Haven’t Seen an Unique Wireless Charger Like This Before!

A Wireless Charger from YOREN not only charges your device faster but it has a design that will catch anyone’s eye.

Have you seen any wireless charger that has a mirror on it? Well, this one does! It supports all the Qi-Enabled devices including S9/S9+ S8/S8+ S7/S7 Edge, iPhoneX/8/8plus.

You can get this wireless charger for $17 on Amazon.

From the Product Page:

  • ¡ SAFE CHARGING ! YOREN wireless charger with self-protection on too hot temperature, instability voltage, even self-cut charging, safe charging for family use, especially for leaving Children alone. Security priority.
  • ¡ FAST CHARGING ! YOREN fast wireless charger is 12% faster charging than majority so-called 10W wireless chargers in the market. It is the priority selection for the ones own Samsung S9 / S8 /S7 and iPhone X / iPhone 8
  • ¡ COOLING CHARGING! YOREN wireless charger with “the eye of an angel” in the cooling shell, Keep your phone away from much heat whole day
  • ¡ HOW CHARGING! YOREN wireless charger with the ability to tell apart the metal parts without QI wireless receiver inside. When your phone is on charging, the indicator light will shows on, by bright light, then change to shimmering soft white light after 10 seconds
  • ¡ EXPERIENCE CHARGING! YOREN wireless charger with a cable that can pass through 2A Electric current, with a 9V adapter (not included it for a different standard, please try to purchase one in your side), much higher than the majority wireless charges cables in the market, less than 2.5 hours to fully fill the popular phones. No quibble 12 months warranty is friendly offering.