How to watch WWDC live event on Windows Computer

WWDC 2017 is few hours away to begin. Apples WWDC event can be easily live streamed and watched using Safari on iOS devices like iPhone, Macs, iMacs, iPads, iPod Touch and
Apple TV. But what if you want to watch the live event on your Windows computer
and laptops?
Yes it is possible to watch WWDC event on your windows computer and laptops. You can
easily watch WWDC event on your windows computer if your machine is running on Windows 10. Windows 10 offers its own browser called “Microsoft Edge”. Just go to Apples website using Microsoft Edge then the event will automatically start when Apple starts broadcasting its event.
Not only on Windows 10, but you can also watch WWDC event on your computer running on Windows 8 and Windows 8. But it is not as easy as you watch the live event on Windows 10. You need to apply a small trick to watch WWDC on Windows 8. Here it is
Step 1: Launch VLC Media Player
Step 2: Click on Media Open Network Stream which on top left part of the VLC media
Step 3: Now you should copy and paste the url from the Apple website where the event will be broadcasting. The URL is
Step 4: Hit the play button and the event will start on your VLC media player.
That’s it!
This way you can easily watch Apples WWDC event on your Windows computers and