Video: iOS 12 Vs iOS 11 Speed Test!

iOS 12 is now out and it’s amazing! There are no notable changes in term of UI but Apple has added over 100 features that you may not know about. We will come to new features of iOS 12 later in another post but let’s check how iOS 12 performs in terms of speed test side by side with iOS 11.

Youtuber EverythingApplePro has made a video on iOS 12 beta 1 Vs iOS 11.4 Speed Test where he shows app opening time, boot up time, benchmark test and other test using different iPhone models including iPhone 5S, SE, 6, 6s, 7, 8 and iPhone X.

iOS 12 is still in beta phase but it’s interesting to see how fast it performs. Really, Apple has made some serious changes to the new iOS 12 to give a smooth run.

Check out the iOS 12 beta 1 Vs iOS 11.4 Speed Test