iOS 12: How to use Keyboard Trackpad Feature on Non 3D Touch iPhones

Apple introduced text selection feature on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that led users to select text and control the cursor movement when pressed hard on the screen. Thanks to 3D Touch feature. But with iOS 12, this feature is available on older iPhones that does not have 3D Touch feature.

You got it right! You will be lucky to have this feature if your iPhone support iOS 12. Check the list of iPhone that supports iOS 12 here.

It was really difficult to select text and move the cursor in older iOS. We have to put our finger into text and than move it very carefully which was not handy every time. But with iOS 12 Easy Text Selection feature, it’s fun to use and easy to operate.

How to Use Keyboard Trackpad Feature on Non 3D Touch iPhone running iOS 12

  • Open any app or Notes app
  • Launch Keyboard
  • Now Touch & Hold the Space Bar to bring TouchPad. You can now move the cursor where ever you like

How to Select Text in iOS 12 on Non 3D Touch iPhones

  • Bring the TouchPad by Holding the Space Bar
  • When the Trackpad feature is enabled, Tap once in the Keyboard area
  • Gently move the the cursor to highlight the text

How to Use Keyboard Trackpad Feature on 3D Touch Enabled iPhones

  • Launch any app
  • Bring up Keyboard
  • Press hard on the screen to use Keyboard TrackPad feature

If 3D Touch feature is not Enabled on your iPhone, this feature will not work. So here is how to Enable:

  • Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – 3D Touch – Enable it

How to Use Keyboard Trackpad feature on iPad running iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12

  • Launch an App
  • Bring up Keyboard
  • Place your two fingers in Keyboard¬†to enable trackpad and move it anywhere you like to move cursor

So this is a complete guide to use Keyboard Trackpad feature on 3D Touch and Non 3D Touch Apple Devices running iOS 9 till iOS 12. Enjoy!

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