This App lets you Unlock your Mac using iPhone’s Touch ID & Face ID

Did you know? You can unlock Mac with the help of your iPhone’s built in Touch ID and Face ID? Yes you got it right! With an app called Unlox, you will be able to do so.

If you have long password or you do not want to enter password every time when you install app on your Mac, this app will save your time. Just authenticate with Face ID and Touch ID.

Setting the app is as easy than you think. Just install Unlox on your iPhone and Mac – Complete the setup procedure and you’re good to go!

This app has so many other cool features that will blow your mind.

Features of Unlox

• Works with multiple Macs and Apple Watches at once.
• Unlock your Mac using Touch ID, your face, passcode, or Apple Watch..
• Interactive notifications – you don’t even have to unlock your iOS device.
• Control your Mac’s audio – works with iTunes & Spotify!
• Manually lock your Mac.
• Auto-lock when your iOS device moves away from your Mac.
• Proximity Wake & automatic unlocking when returning to your Mac.
• 3D Touch shortcuts.
• Notification Center widget – unlock your Mac from anywhere on your iOS device.
• See your MacBook’s battery level in the widget.
• Share clipboard text to and from your Mac.
• Choose from beautiful colour schemes and change the app icon.
• Use to authorise tasks that require your macOS admin password. (Admin accounts only)
• Never connects to the Internet without your consent.
• Your macOS password is never broadcast and never leaves your Mac.
• Incredibly simple to use but packed full of features and options.

Unlox is available on Appstore for $3.99.

Developer: Kane Cheshire
Price: $3.99

Get Unlox from Appstore