Top Best Tips and Tricks for iPhone X you need to know right now

The way you will use the new iPhone X has now changed. Many things has been changed in this new smart phone. Here’s some iPhone X Tips and Tricks for you. From unlocking iPhone X to accessing Control Center, Notification Center, and Accessing Reachability –
everything has a new way to do it.
If you have just bought a new iPhone X, then you must read this post till the end to get used to with your smart phone.

In this post, we have mentioned 15 Top and Best Tips & Tricks for iPhone X

Wake up iPhone X with just a Tap

A new gesture has been added to the new iPhone X that is you can now wake up your new smartphone with just a Tap. You can also wake up iPhone X with a side button as well as by raising it.

Take Screenshot on iPhone X

You can simply take a screenshot on an iPhone with a Home-Button by pressing the Home Button and Power Button at the same time but with iPhone X not having a physical Home-Button, the game has now changed.
To take a screenshot on iPhone X, just press:
Side Button and Volume Up button at the same time

Go to Home on iPhone X

To go back to Home from any app you are using, just:
Swipe Up from the bottom of the screen

Launch App Switcher on iPhone X

Launching App Switcher on iPhone X is a bit difficult task if you are using iPhone X for the first time. Double pressing the home button would take you to app switcher on previous iPhones, but with iPhone X, all you need to do is:
Swipe Up and Hold

Force Close App on iPhone X

When you’re in App Switcher, Tap and Hold on any App Card until you see a red minus icon on every app card. After that you can swipe up or tap the minus sign to force quit the app on iPhone X.

Switch Between Apps on iPhone X

If you have two or more apps running in the background, you can quickly open it by swiping left or right on bottom of the screen.

Launch Reachability on iPhone X

To use Reachability on iPhone X, first thing you need to do is Turn it on from Settings – General – Accessibility – Turn On Reachability.
Now Swipe Down on a new Gesture Bar Area

Launch Notification Center on iPhone X

Swipe Down from the Notch of iPhone X to launch Notification

Launch Control Center on iPhone X

Launching Control Center on iPhone X has also changed. Swiping Up from the bottom of the screen doesn’t work as you’d do previously.
To launch Control Center on iPhone X:
Swipe Down from the Top Right Corner of the Screen

Turn Off iPhone X

Only pressing Side Button for some seconds won’t work to Turn Off iPhone X. To completely shut it down all you need to do is:
Hold the Side Button and Volume Up or Volume Down button for
some seconds. It will then Pop Up slide to Turn Off.

Access Siri on iPhone X

To invoke Siri on iPhone X, just Press and Hold the Side Button

Access Apple Pay on iPhone X

To access Apple Pay on iPhone X, Double Press the Side Button and then use Face ID to confirm your payment.

Temporarily Disable Face ID on iPhone X

There might be a situation where you might want to disable Face-ID temporarily. To do so:
Press the Volume Up, Volume Down and Side Button at the same time until you feel a haptic feedback.

Force Restart on iPhone X

If your iPhone X crashes or freezes for some reason then you may want to Hard Reset your iPhone. To Hard Reset iPhone X, all you need to do is:
Quickly Press the Volume Up Button and release – again quickly press the Volume Down button and release and lastly press and hold the Side Button for some seconds until you see an Apple logo

Enable TrueTone on iPhone X

True Tone now supports iPhone X. With True Tone display, iPhone automatically adapts to ambient lightning conditions to make colors appear consistent in different environments like iPad Pro.

You can change true tone display in the settings under Display & Brightness >> True Tone >> Toggle On the switch to enable it.

Now 3D Touch on the brightness bar. There you can see the Night Shift Mode and True Tone toggle. Tap on True Tone toggle to enable it.

Use Portrait Lighting Mode on iPhone X

Snapping Portrait Lighting Photos on iPhone X in iOS 11 is very easy.

Open up the Camera app >> Select Portrait Camera Mode > Swipe your camera mode to Portrait Mode option and choose some Portrait Lighting effects in the bubbles like Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono.

So these are the Best iPhone X Tips and Tricks that we have known so far.

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