Top 50 Best Cydia Tweaks Compatible with iOS 9-iOS 9.3.3 (Part 1)

iOS devices are nothing without Jailbreak & Jailbreak are nothing without Cydia
Tweaks. I think you agree with this. There is a number of cydia tweaks available in cydia which adds many functions to your devices. Apple doesn’t allow us to customize our device and play with its system.

It strictly prohibits us from doing that. So to break that chain, Jailbreak is all the answer you need. Cydia tweaks play a significant role in customizing iOS devices. Cydia tweaks allow you to change and play with each and every system of the iOS 9 device (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch).

Here are the Top 50 Best Cydia Tweaks Compatible with iOS 11 or below iOS 9-iOS 9.3.3.

So you need to add the following source in order to install these tweaks compatible with iOS 9 – iOS 9.3.3.


  • BigBoss Repo
  • Modmyi Repo
  • Biteyourapple Repo
  • Hackyouriphone Repo
  • Xarold Repo
  1. 3G Unrestrictor 5 – Enables WiFi-Only features like Facetime, HD-Quality videos & more on 3G & LTE.
  2. Acapella II – Elegant gestures based music controls.
  3. AdBlocker 2 – Blocks ads in Safari Browser.
  4. Anemone – An awesome theming engine for iOS 6 through iOS 9.
  5. Apex 2 – Hide apps behind apps.
  6. App Active Pro – Icon based gestures to open various functions.
  7. Arise 2 – Add functions to Alarm.
  8. Assistive+ – Add features to Assistive Touch.
  9. ASUpdateHider – Ignore/hide updates in the AppStore.
  10. Badgomizer – All in one tweak to modify your icons
  11. Battivator – Save & extend battery life on your iOS device.
  12. BetterWiFi7 – Enhances the iOS WiFi Functionlity.
  13. BioProtect – Protect your apps with TouchID or Passcode.
  14. Calendar for Lockscreen – Display upcoming calendar events on the lock screen.
  15. ColorBadges – Modifies the badges color based on app icon colors.
  16. ColorBanners – Colors the lockscreen notifications & notification banners based on the app color.
  17. ColorFlow 2 – Color your music.
  18. CustomCover – Customize the LockScreen Now Playing.
  19. CustomLS2 – Customize the lockscreen.
  20. Cydown – Install paid cydia tweaks for free.
  21. DathBanners Pro 2 – Customize the banners, lockscreen notification & the   notification centre.
  22. exKey – Add extra number keys row on the top of the keyboard.
  23. Fake GPS Pro – Change iPhone/iPad’s current location as you wish.
  24. FutureLock – Add more features to lockscreen like ; setting custom name, set morning start, custom widgets, minimal looks & more.
  25. GIFViewer – View animated GIFs in
  26. Goodges – Replaces the badges by changing the label of the icons.
  27. GuestMode – Protect your privacy when enabled so that anyone who wish can check your phone.
  28. HUD Customizer – Fully customize the volume & media HUD in any way you want.
  29. Iconoclasm – Break the barriers of what you can do with your icon.
  30. iCleaner Pro – Removes junk files & free up memory from your phone.
  31. iKeywi 3 – Customize the keyboard on your iPhone.
  32. iLostFinder AntiTheft Pro – Find lost iPhone by taking photo of the thief & sending them to your Email.
  33. InstaLauncher – Access any app in less than 500 milliseconds.
  34. iPicMyContacts – Displays the contact picture next to iy’s name inside the contacts & Favourite screens.
  35. MoonSilent – Hide banners, lockscreen notifications, incoming calls with an Activator gesture or Flipswitcch toggle.
  36. PhoneCaller – Displays the full Caller ID before answering the call or even while dialing.
  37. Piano Passcode –  Now unlock your device by playing musical keyboard.
  38. RevealMenu – Get 3D feature on older iOS devices.
  39. Ringing Pocket – Phone rings louder when inside pocket or bag.
  40. Rotary Lock – This tweak adds a beautiful combination lock to your lock screen replacing the stock number pad.
  41. SleepFX – Enjoy various effects while locking your device.
  42. Speak Notification – With this tweak, your device will announce any incoming notification in a fully customized way.
  43. Stealth Cam – Use the Camera app to take photos or shoot videos with the screen off.
  44. TimeWiz – Uniquely customize the time of your lockscreen, homescreen & every single app on your phone.
  45. Vibratekeyboard8 – Adds vibration to the keyboard while typing.
  46. Wake With Weather – Get Siri to read out the weather after your alram is stopped.
  47. Watusi – Add many features to whatsapp app.
  48. WaveFlow – Add visualizer for the music app.
  49. WhoozItPro – The all in one called ID solution for your iDevice.
  50. WiFi Booster – Displays all the WiFi networks in range by removing the signal level limit.

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