This Smartphone Organizer Also Has Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone

If you have multiple devices at your home, then this smartphone organizer is a must-have. You know the best part? It has a wireless charging pad for your iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus and other wireless charging enabled devices.

This accessory also has 3 USB ports and 1 USB Type C port with cabled included in it. The price of this smartphone organizer is usually $44.99 but it’s only $37.99 for some period.

From the product page:

  • SIMULTANEOUS, RAPID CHARGING FOR 5 DEVICES: 3 standard USB ports with Smart IC Intelligent Chip Technology for all your smartphones and tablets, and other USB powered devices; 1 USB Type-C port for any USB Type-C charged devices, delivering a 20% faster charge than traditional USB; 1 Qi wireless charging pad, allowing for rapid, wireless charging of any Qi-enabled device; Get rid of the cable clutter and stop using all your wall outlets when you can charge all your devices at once
  • SMART IC TECHNOLOGY FOR SPEED AND SAFETY: Smart IC Intelligent Chip Technology delivers a smart charge to your devices, automatically detecting the proper charging protocol for your individual devices, and delivering the fastest, safest charge that your device was designed to receive; Eliminate over-charging, under-charging, and risk of damaging the internals of your expensive electronics that you incur with cheap chargers; Make sure you are giving your device the charge it was designed for
  • 4 SHORT CABLES FOR CONVENIENCE AND ORGANIZATION: Includes 2 Lightning cables for phones and tablets using lightning chargers, 1 Micro-USB cable for any devices that are charged by Micro-USB, 1 male-male USB Type-C cable for USB Type-C charged devices; Short cables add organization, cleanliness, and style to your desk or workstation, but the factory cables that came with your device will still work perfectly and have no effect on Smart IC functionality
  • SUPPORTS QI AND USB TYPE-C: Lose the cord and step into the future of wireless charging; Place any Qi-enabled device on the charging pad for a fast, convenient, wireless charge. USB Type-C port w/ 5V/3A output allows 20% faster charge for compatible devices. USB Type-C is a rapidly emerging technology and becoming the standard for charging in most new devices; Make sure you are prepared for your future devices
  • SAFETY, PROTECTION AND QUALITY GUARANTEE: Multiple built-in protections against over-charging, over-heating, and power surges; Smart IC is a leading technology in ensuring the safest and most efficient charging; The charging station will detect when your device is fully charged and stop delivering a current once your device has a full charge; Our charging station is backed by our manufacturer 1-year replacement warranty, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our product

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