This Black Dot text crash your iPhone Messages app [How to Fix]

New Unicode bugs have been revealed by Popular YouTuber EverythingApplePro on YouTube that immediately crashes your Messages app when receiving and tapping the “Android Black Dot” text.

So be aware of that message and don’t ever try opening any unusual text. When received this kinda bug, it crashes Messages app along with other apps too. In this case, Force-quitting the app or restarting the device doesn’t help.

How to Fix and Get rid of Black Dot Text on iPhone

To get rid of from crashing Message app bug with Android Black Dot Text, simply 3D Touch on the Messages icon on the Home screen, then choose New Message option from the shortcuts menu.

This will now make the Message app responsive and allows you to delete the annoying text message from the inbox.

This bug affects all versions of iOS 11, including the latest iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4 beta 4. Apple might fix this bug on another iOS 11.4 beta version.

It was originally affected Android users in India when receiving the black dot text through WhatsApp that immediately freezes the phone.

Earlier there was an Indian Telugu Text Bug in iOS 11.2.5 that crashes iMessage and other messaging apps.

Note: Please do not share this Android Black Dot Text to anyone. So be careful.