There is a 50% Off on Apple iPhone Lightning Dock

The official Lightning Dock from Apple is one of the most stylish ways to charge your iPhone or iPad, and it’s usually priced to match. However, Amazon is offering the Space Gray version for just $24.99 for a limited time.

Usually, the same dock would cost you about $50 if you wanted one of your own, but now it’s a chance to pick one for half price.

While this dock may actually charge an iPad, with this thing we would only use an iPad mini. It’s not the most secure thing with a lot of weight behind it for anything. But charging your iPhone is perfectly suited, hence the name.

With that in mind, this Lightning Dock will be pleased to charge an iPhone with a Lightning Connector that is anything newer than an iPhone 5 and is likely to include at least the 2019 iPhones. Then there’s also the iPod touch, of course.

Be sure to get your hands on this before the price goes up again. We see this deal popping up from time to time, but it also has the habit of disappearing as fast as it seemed.

There’s more available if you’d prefer a different color. Just remember you’re going to pay a little more for the privilege of choosing.

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